Love notes from Siel are weekly emails about love, writing, and the nomad life from me, Siel Ju.

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People subscribe to this newsletter for totally different reasons. Some read my novel-in-stories, Cake Time, and get curious enough to google my name and sign up. Some are writers themselves, and just want to see how another writer — me — goes about building her career alongside other pressing life exigencies. Some are just friends of mine keeping tabs on me. Regardless of how they get here though, readers stay subscribed because they like reading my strange and personal stories about love and life.

I hope you do too. And I hope you enjoy the intimacy of these email missives. I used to send these out from Los Angeles, my longtime home, but in June 2020 I became a nomad, so the notes come from all over the place now. Subscribe to stay in touch!

What readers say

Brava for your newsletter; you got me to read the ENTIRE thing. A sad and beautiful pleasure. — Kathryn

My inbox is so overcrowded that I often delete everything before reading it, just to make some space in my mind. (Somehow, the inbox had become equivalent to the mind, as I'm sure you probably know).  Today, for some reason, I opened your email. And I enjoyed it, because I, too, want to destroy everything and start over.  — Ashley

Your writing as always, flows with the purring harmony and emotional grace of an ancient artesian spring.  — Chris